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New poll shows Anwar will be better PM than Najib

Article  dibawah ini ehsan dari The Malaysian Insider hasil dari satu survey terkini yang di lakukan oleh MERDEKA CENTRE. Saya cuma ingin berkongsi pandangan rakyat Malaysia disini. Harap kita dapat renungi bersama  dan berikan pandangan demi kepentingan masa depan negara kita

Hjh Fuziah Salleh

The Malaysian Insider

Sunday September 28 2008

New poll shows Anwar will be better PM than Najib

By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 — By a small margin, Malaysians think opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would make a better prime minister compared with Datuk Seri Najib Razak, according to a survey conducted recently by the independent Merdeka Centre.

In the same survey, Malaysians also appear more divided than ever over their support for the country’s political leadership.

There are also sharp differences in preferences between the different races, with a majority of non-Malays supporting Anwar, while more Malays preferred Najib.

Between Sept 11 and 22, Merdeka Centre carried out a leadership performance perception on a cross section of 1,002 people of voting age from the three main ethnic communities in the country.

Among the questions asked was: “Between Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim, who do you think makes a better prime minister?”

Najib garnered a 33.8 per cent average total support among the three major races. Anwar edged him by a margin of less than six per cent — he garnered an average total of 39.3 per cent.

The difference is more conspicuous when the show of support is broken down according to the ethnicity of those polled.

The split was apparent among racial lines, with Najib drawing as much as 47.3 per cent support from the Malay community. Anwar trailed with just 32.5 per cent.

The opposition leader gained greater support among non-Malays, receiving the support of 37.4 per cent of Chinese voters and a whopping 85 per cent from the Indians.

In comparison, Najib only won the approval of 18.4 per cent of Chinese voters and just five per cent of Indians thought he would make a better prime minister.

Of note was the high percentage of voters who remained non-commital. More than 40 per cent of Chinese voters polled expressed no preference.

Based on the poll results, Malay support for Najib is significantly stronger than that for Anwar.

Political analyst Tricia Yeoh says the party factor is a very strong featuring factor with the non-Malay communities.

“It is possible they view Najib as continuing to perpetuate the same kind of politics that has plagued Malaysia through Umno,” she said.

“Anwar will need to fight for Malay support most prominently since Najib may continue to be seen as the final bastion of support for the Malay position,” she added.

Another political analyst, Khoo Kay Peng, sees it differently.

“No doubt Najib commands higher support among the Malay community because of the status of Umno as a Malay party. It has been representing the Malays for a long time. But at 47.3 per cent, the support is not really very high for Najib. It’s not much off Abdullah’s support,” he said.

Based on the same Merdeka Centre report, Abdullah still enjoys 50.7 per cent support from the Malays.

“The key is that Najib does not get much support from the Chinese and Indians. Najib is still seen as a Malay leader.

“If you want to be the prime minister, you must have support from across the board,” he said.

“Anwar stands a much better chance because he gets support from over 30 per cent of the Chinese and the Indians, predominantly from the Indians, which is consistent with past reports,” he pointed out.

In a toss up between who will become the next prime minister, he felt it would definitely be Anwar.

But for Khalid Samad, the Pas MP for Shah Alam and an ally of Anwar, the results are frightening for the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

He said the results of the survey showed government media propaganda still held sway, especially among the rural Malays.

He is concerned that much of the Malay media has portrayed a negative impression of Anwar as being an “immoral guy” and being a stooge of the United States.

“Basically, Umno-Barisan Nasional has been quite successful in conning Malays into believing that Anwar is selling out the Malays and that is the reason for the low percentage of support for Anwar,” said Khalid.

“These are not very encouraging results if it is representative of the entire population. It means there is a problem. Anwar will have to work harder.

“It’s important he should have at least a 50-50 situation among Malays. That would suffice,” he stressed.

But he does not think that the sample poll is a true reflection of the voting populace.

“I don’t think that Anwar in the actual situation is that far behind Najib. I would expect 47 per cent for Najib and 45 per cent for Anwar.

“The difference, almost 15 per cent difference in support from Malays, gives the impression that if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, the position of the Malays will be jeopardised.

“But no one race will lose out under Pakatan leadership,” he said.


September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Opinion is a very subjective matter… I can agree that if there is more people prefer DSAI over DSNTR for the PM post, but to predict that DSAI will become a better PM is a very-very subjective thing…

    The facts is that both is not the PM yet…

    I believe in 2004, many people opined that government is going to perform better, so they give the 90% mandate for the BN then. But then in 2008, in a very dramatic GE, the 90% support that enjoyed by BN suddenly decrease to less then 2/3 majority….

    What is more important I believe is the need for leaders or politician to be honest and trustworthy…. A politician who walks the talks and a politician who is always saying the truth and nothing but the truth…

    I also believe that although both BN and PR are not alliance, both are still political movements and the major motivation is power. But they can form a greater synergy by concentrating on their roles to ensure that Malaysia can become a dynamic an progressive country.

    I think in the past year, Kelantan government has played a very important role in Malaysian politics. it gives a sense of balance in the Malaysian politics.

    However, despite the recent success of opposition capturing 5 states, I must say that the opposition has yet to produce a significant milestone in stamping the authority in those states. Maybe it is because of the recent political imbalance in this country, or maybe people are just too busy and too distracted with the oil prices issues, struggle for powers, the flip-flop decisions in UMNO, and others…..

    I hope that the situation in this country will improved soon and we will start to be a confident nation we used to be. I believe that at this moment, we really lack of focus and there seems too little confidence left in the people…

    Anyway… Selamat Hari Raya and maaf zahir Batin..

    Comment by Letting | September 28, 2008

  2. Letting,

    Anwar pernah jadi TPM dan Najib juga sedang memegang jawatan tersebut,jadi bandingkanlah siapa rasanya yg lebih baik dlm melaksanakn tugas mereka.Barangkali org gila saja yg tak tahu menilai siapakah yg lebih baik,tak gitu ?.

    Comment by thaqif | September 28, 2008

  3. To say that Anawr will be a better PM than Najib is totally wrong. How can you predict how somebody is going to perform based on a survey?
    Anwar himself has his shares of weaknesses and wrongdoings in the past.
    I agree with Letting that a leader should be honest and trustworthy.
    And based on Anwar’s political history, it’s kinda hard to say that Anwar is a politican who’s can be accountable for his words.
    There are many situations that clearly shows that he manipulated his words or ‘buat-buat lupa’ about this promises to the people.
    Promises that no one ask him to say or do, but himself.
    True to the malay saying- kerana mulut badan binasa.

    Comment by ReeWoo | September 29, 2008

  4. Tapi jgn lupe, Anwar pernah mencadangkan untuk meminjan dgn IMF masa kegawatan tahun 98….sedangkan bila anwar dipecat Tun Mahathir menggunakan pendekatan lain untuk memulihkan ekonomi negara pada masa itu….ini bermakna, ada ada solution lain untuk selamat ekonomi negara bukan dgn cara meminjam dgn IMF…

    Pemimpin yang hebat adalah boleh menghadapi serta menangi cabaran dengan baik dalam masa sukar seperti kegawatan tahun 98….kalau nak jadi PM zaman senang lenang…semua org pon boleh!

    Comment by any | October 8, 2008

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