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It has happened: The Defection en mass

Ex-MCA leader defects to PKR
Terence Netto | Aug 3, 08 7:22pm malaysiakini.com
Former MCA Wanita deputy chief and Ministry of International Trade and Industry parliamentary secretary Dr Tan Yee Kew today crossed over with 1,700 others to PKR in Klang – the constituency which she once represented for 13 years.


To rousing applause from a crowd of about 1,500 people who packed the convention hall of the Klang Executive Club, Tan said that despite the reverses suffered by the BN in the recent elections, “they are oblivious of the people’s discontent” and consumed “by power struggles” within component parties.

“The BN just doesn’t get it,” she said. “The March 8 election was a warning to them to act quickly and take steps to tackle issues like rising costs and crime, restoring the judiciary, and bringing equitable development for all,” she added.

“But the BN has not only lost its sense of priorities, it has also lost its direction,” said Tan, holder of a doctorate in development studies from Universiti Malaya and the member of parliament for Klang for three terms from 1995.

The country needs new leadership,” said she added, turning to look in the direction of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim who was seated on the stage in the hall. “All of us here respect the leadership you can provide,” she remarked to applause from the crowd.

Crossover ceremony

dr tan yee kew biodata 210708Tan disclosed that in the 10 days between her first announcement of intention to join PKR and the crossover ceremony today, 2,079 people had applied to join PKR.

She said the new applicants comprised Malays, Chinese and Indians from the Kapar, Shah Alam and Kota Raja constituencies.

Of the total 2079 applications, 1,700 were processed in time for today’s handover ceremony witnessed by PKR’s top brass, including party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali, vice-presidents Azmin Ali and Sivarasa Rasiah, treasurer William Leong and Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

“Today marks a new beginning,” said Tan in tones lilting with the enthusiasm of a new convert to the cause of reformasi.

“The country needs a two-party system of governance for check and balance and for the nurture of democracy,” she added.

According to Tan, the trend towards a two-party system has started. She said those joining PKR today were keen to see this trend fortified so that it will endure.


August 3, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Akhirnya kebenar itu muncul.
    Laporan perubatan yang sahih telah di keluarkan dan sampi ke pengetahuaan Pajabat Parti Keadilan.

    Puan Zuraida Ketua Wanita keADILan telah pergi ke HKL untuk menyampikan mesej tersirat kepada pihak hospital……………………..



    Comment by Editor Ampang | August 4, 2008

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