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Hari ini bersama Dato SUK Pahang


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Saya telah bertemu Dato’ SUK Pahang dan berbincang dengan beliau tentang mekanisme yang sesuai untuk  menyegerakan  bantuan dan projek-projek bagi kepentingan Rakyat, khususnya dalam soal pengurusan tanah, perumahan dan kebajikan Rakyat dalam pelbagai perkara.


July 4, 2008 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Tahniah atas ikhtiar Puan. Saya mendapat maklum tiada “pembangkang” dalam setiap function kerajaan.

    Setiap kali makan nasi kukus saya akan melihat poster besar Puan.


    Comment by airmasak | July 5, 2008

  2. YB Fuziah Salleh!
    I would be most appreciative if U and your PR collegues could look into the matter of The Lembah Kelau Felda Settlers, who are facing the mammoth DAM about to be built , which is threatening to disprupt their lives and deprive them{and the Orang Asli} of their rights & livelihood!
    The Dato SUK, is in the position to do the right thing!
    Thank You

    Comment by Jeyapalan.T.S.Mahesan | July 6, 2008

  3. Dear Mr Jeyapalan,
    Datuk SUK was very specific that he can only assist in areas that concerns implementation, for exemple in the case of Medan Pelancong, where the tenants have to leave at the end of August. I brought forth the fact that this would definitely affect their livelihood since Ramadhan is a month that brings in good income for them. He agreed with me in this case that postponing the order till after Hari Raya would be more beneficial for the tenants. I hope he keep to his words in ensuring that the tenants ara able to stay till the end of the year.

    As with Kelau Dam case, as you know it involves Policy Matters, Datuk SUK is very specific too in informing and emphasising that he is not in the position to make changes in matters pertaining to Policy

    However, I myself have done my own research with regards to the matter of Kelau Dam, and tried my best to bring matters to relevant parties.

    Currently The Orang Asli have asked for a Judicial Review on the decision by the Government. I understand the case now is in court and thus subjudice to discuss. Hence, even in Parliament, we’re not allowed to discuss the matter

    Thank You for your concern

    Yang Berkhidmat
    Fuziah Salleh

    Comment by Fuziah Salleh | July 7, 2008

  4. TQ,YB!
    Actually, the Lembah Kelau Felda Settlers led by Dato Abdullah Abu Bakar have filed an action into Court before the Orang Asli did.
    The Solcitors are Ms.Uma & Associates.
    The sadest thing is the Pahang State Government, took a decision{SUK} including which is wrong in law and in breach of all the rights of the Peneroka which is doubly entrenched !
    As for being subjudice, this is a nonsensecal word that is meant for jury trials.Besides the Judges would love to know the real situation out there as then he would be able to review the “facts” presented in Court!
    The phrase subjudiced is used by those parties who want to escape their responsibility{I do not mean you,YB} as they know what they are doing is wrong.
    For instance: Felda Schemes are doubly entrenched provisions – The Constitution,The National Land Code & The Group Settlement Act.
    U cannot ‘take’ any piece of the Peneroka’s land without dismantling the entire scheme{by Gazette} – not allowed -against the Law & Public Policy as the Peneroka has contributed to our Nation – we are the biggest producers of Palm Oil and this contributes a lions share of our GNP!
    The State has already borrowed some RM1.8 billion from an overseas “bank”.
    The creation of the Dam will mean that as water finds its own level, the water will go down and into the Oil Palm plantations{each have about 9 Hectres}. This means the quality of the harvest will fall very quickly to low grade oil – fetching less yields & earnings!
    Wither the Peneroka – another 500 families will drift out of the beautiful,scenic & peaceful rural township that has evolved in Lembau Kelau!
    What do they get?
    But who cares!
    They are just rural people who have tilled the earth to provide our Nation earnings to be spent on private jets , yatches, big expensive cars etc etc. Who cares? Who cares for our Rakyaat?

    Comment by Jeyapalan.T.S.Mahesan | July 7, 2008

  5. Dear Mr Jeyapalan,
    I certainly would like to know in more detail about the Felda Settlers actions re: Kelau Dam.

    Do you think it is possible for me to be briefed further on the matter?
    You can contact me through my PA Jue, 0192612838.


    Comment by Fuziah Salleh | July 8, 2008

  6. Sdr Airmasak,
    Makan nasi Kukus di warong Mak Su Mazenah, sambil tengok poster besar saya?…..

    Sebenarnya ada rahsia kenapa poster itu belum di turunkan…
    Signboard Pusat Khidmat kami rosak dek ribut kuat dua bulan lalu.
    Maka kekallah Poster tersebut sementara kami dapat baget untuk buat signboard baru!

    Selamat Menjamu Selera. Asal jangan tersedak k.

    Comment by Fuziah Salleh | July 8, 2008

  7. YB!
    MY NUMBERS : 03-79568181 {ict 24/7}
    Pls do not behave like BN.
    U call me!

    Comment by Jeyapalan.T.S.Mahesan | July 23, 2008

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