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Malaysiakini:Evidently, the Women…

Women’s parliamentary caucus mooted
May 28, 08 5:38pm
A group of women parliamentarians will hold a meeting tomorrow to garner support for a Women’s Parliamentary Caucus.


More on that and other snippets from today’s parliamentary proceedings follow:
Women’s parliamentary caucus mooted

A group of women parliamentarians will hold a meeting tomorrow to garner support for a Women’s Parliamentary Caucus.

Chong Eng, three-term DAP representative for Bukit Mertajam, said she hopes for enough support from all 24 women parliamentarians.

pakatan rakyat wanita leaders parliament pc 280508“I have spoken to the Barisan Nasional women MPs. They are privately very supportive but have not attended any of our meetings,” she told a press conference in the Parliament lobby.

“I’ve always been very keen on women’s issues. We need to go back to basics and have something for women by women.”

Chong said the idea for a women’s parliamentary caucus had previously been mooted by former Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil a few years ago, but that it had failed to take off.

Parliamentary Opposition Leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR-Permatang Pauh) added: “It is time to set up a caucus to tackle women’s issues without involving politics.”

The Parliamentary Caucus on Gender Equality previously chaired by ex-Ampang MP Dr Rozaidah Talib was targeted as being ineffective during the last legislative session.


May 29, 2008 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Untuk kesekian kalinya terzahir PR memiliki kebebasan mencipta yang membuka luas untuk diaktifkan fungsi dan peranan wanita agar lebih dirasakan realiti kecenderungan warga dari hanya unit-unit individu menjurus ke hubungan kolektif antara kaum untuk dibangunkan/dimajukan/diaktifkan/dibelakan hak,nasib dan kekuatan untuk memilih kebaikan diri dan agar upaya dibina kesedaran terhadap kesyumulan Islam yang menerima gugusan idea yang dapat dimanafaatkan berbanding sekadar hanya membandingkan Islam dengan idea-idea perjuangan.

    Bagaimanakah upaya dihuraikan pengertian Islam sebagai sistem yang amal bakti dan sumbang jasa adalah dari natijah akidah yang menerbitkan rasa kebersamaan?

    Sesuai dengan sifat keibuan yang miliki pengalaman membesarkan anak-anak yang berbagai sifat wanita PR kelihatan lebih berwibawa untuk tidak menukar-nukar pendirian dalam membina landasan perjuangan.
    Ternyata semangat wanita lebih dikagumi.

    Comment by thanaif | May 29, 2008

  2. yes, it’s about time someone do some work towards gender equality. i believe its no point we point fingers at rozaidah talib on her past – lets work towards the future =)

    Comment by clarisse yap | May 31, 2008

  3. The 1st mistake this Caucus is making is not including men. This is a diservice to the very purpose. It already shows “GENDER BIASNESS”. When will women learn that you cannot separate Women issues without looking at any problem in totality. Feminism is back cutting across political boundaries. Can we look at issues objectively now that you have been voted into office by men who campaign for you too. Are you showing your true colors already ! Women have been place on a high pedestal and shielded by men all thoughout civilisation ! The rise of broken homes, adultery, cheating and divorces have a 50% contribution by women. Will this caucus deny these issues!

    Comment by Wholesome | June 4, 2008

  4. Dear Wholesome,

    I do appreciate the contribution of men, especially those who have supported me and voted for me. truly, and sincerely! My husband for example is my graetest supporter and most gender sensitive.
    This caucus will definitely invite men, but in the beginning we feel that lets just get it started off by the women first.
    I do admit too that there are some men who are more gender sensitive than some women around. Definitely we will benefit by having them joining the causus.
    Till then, do be patient’
    Thank You

    Fuziah Salleh

    Comment by Fuziah Salleh | June 12, 2008

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