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November 22. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -Saya menyokong hak HINDRAF untuk berhimpun secara aman dan ingin mengulangi rayuan saya kepada Polis DiRaja Malaysia untuk memberikan permit agar perhimpunan mereka dapat berlangsung pada 25 November 2007. Hak untuk berhimpun secara aman telah termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia dan Perhimpunan Aman Bersih telah membuktikan bahawa rakyat Malaysia dapat bertindak secara bertanggungjawab sesuai dengan amalan masyarakat madani.

Tetapi saya saya menyeru kepada HINDRAF agar mereka mengambil pendekatan yang lebih sederhana dan bertanggungjawab di dalam menyuarakan ketidakpuashatian mereka, khususnya di dalam soal Perlembagaan, khususnya Perkara 153. HINDRAF sepatutnya menumpukan perhatian mereka kepada kerajaan BN yang bertanggungjawab di atas salahguna kuasa yang telah menindas kaum India yang miskin, dan juga pada masa yang sama gagal menyelesaikan masalah semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum, warna kulit ataupun agama.

Gerakan HINDRAF menggambarkan masalah asas yang terus menular di negara kita dan membakar api perkauman yang hanya mengeruhkan lagi ketegangan kaum dan permusuhan sesame rakyat Malaysia..

Rakyat Malaysia terus komited untuk melaksanakan pembaharuan di negara ini mesti sedar bahawa pembangkang yang berwibawa adalah penting untuk Malaysia dan masanya telah tiba untuk menyokong pembangkang. Parti-parti yang menyokong Reformasi mesti bekerjasama secara efektif, dan menekankan isu-isu bersama, terus bekerjsama dan mengelakkan menyalahkan kaum lain untuk masalah mereka.

Apabila kita berpecah, suara kita lemah. Tetapi bersatu, kita boleh hidup secara rukun dan aman damai di negara yang boleh kita banggakan bersama.


— FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — November 22. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia —

I support HINDRAF’s right to peaceful demonstration and therefore reiterate my appeal to the Royal Malaysian Police to approve a permit for their rally to take place on 25 November 2007. The right to peaceful assembly is guaranteed by the Malaysian Constitution and the November 10 BERSIH rally has demonstrated conclusively that the Malaysian people can act responsibly and in accordance with the best traditions of civil society.

However I must appeal to HINDRAF to consider a more balanced and responsible approach to addressing its grievances, which have been incorrectly attributed to the Constitution, and in particular Article 153. HINDRAF’s complaints should be directed towards the corrupt UMNO-led BN coalition government that is guilty of serious abuses of power and which continues to marginalise and neglect the plight of poor Indians, and has also failed to take into account the problems of all Malaysians, irrespective of race, colour or religion.

The HINDRAF movement is symptomatic of the fundamental problems that remain entrenched in our country and to stoke the flames of racism would only exacerbate racial tensions and animosity among Malaysians.

Malaysians of conscience who are committed to reforming this nation must recognise that a viable opposition is essential and now is the time to support it. For the pro-reform parties in society to work together effectively, they must find common ground, be open to communication and collaboration, and resist the temptation to scapegoat other races for their problems and frustrations.

Divided our voice is weak. But united and enlightened, we can together build a nation that we all can be truly be proud of, and one in which we can live in peace and harmony.




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  1. Friday, November 23, 2007
    Government Using Police To Create Traffic Jams in KL To Provoke Public Anger Towards Protesters
    As you may be aware the cops have set up road blocks all over KL and Selangor since yesterday resulting in traffic jams in an ostensible bid to prevent people from entering the capital to attend the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rally scheduled to take place on Sunday at the British High Commission.

    Another ‘reason’ given by the police is they have ‘received information’ that there will be criminal activities taking place right up to Sunday’s gathering. From the wonderfully efficient police intelligence gathering, the cops have found that riots and fights had been planned and are therefore taking ‘precautionary’ measures.

    For those of you who had been caught in these jams did you notice any thugs being arrested or at least being held for questioning? Were cars carrying several Indian adults stopped and their occupants thoroughly checked and interrogated?

    The situation today is very much the same as yesterday and reportedly there are massive traffic jams again in various parts of the Klang Valley.

    More than merely trying to keep the influx of protesters into KL to a bare minimum or fulfilling a sudden honourable desire by our men in blue to ‘prevent crime’, the apparent police strategy is to cause as much inconvenience to the public in general so that they would reflexly condemn and abhor protests of whatever nature. It is probably their hope that in artificially creating such jams, thereby raising temperatures and blood pressures, the organisers of this and future protests against government corruption and abuse would be considered as troublemakers by the public.

    It is an age-old dirty trick employed by unpopular and shrewd dictators – if the people do not act in a manner which pleases the ruler, then the ruler will make things so stranglingly difficult and unbearable, without the obvious use of brute force, that the average citizen is coerced into behaving as the dictator deems fit. Our kerajaan is no different. This is their tactic, to wear down the peoples’ patience and put a full stop to public expression of the citizens’ anger and disappointment.

    Sometimes such a sneaky strategy will succeed admirably, especially when the average citizen would rather fight a ghost than protest against official abuse and corruption. In our context, hopefully the public would not be deterred by this nuisance the cops are creating in the form of unnecessary traffic jams.

    The police, under orders from ‘above’ are at the same time desperate to make an example of those responsible for this Hindraf protest. In fact a few minutes ago the cops announced that they have a court order to restrain anyone organising or participating in Sunday’s gathering. The police have also arrested lawyer P. Uthayakumar, Hindraf legal advisor under the Sedition Act and he will be charged in court this afternoon. What is the point though? The nation’s reputation has already been torn to shreds by the earlier protests and by the increasingly forthright and accurate reports from here and abroad about government sponsored racism and discrimination.

    Of course the danger always remains in Malaysia that in the event such dirty tricks don’t produce the desired results, government leaders or those holding extra-constitutional authority like a certain son-in-law, would unleash the thugs from Umno youth along with illiterate kampung boys who would do their bidding for a small monetary incentive. Manufacturing a crisis is the easiest and most effective way to temporarily or permanently shut the avenues available to those who can think and express clearly on what is terribly wrong with this country.
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    Comment by motai | November 23, 2007

  2. Saturday 24th November, 2007 RSS Feed

    Indians in Malaysia vow to protest despite ban
    Daily Star
    Ethnic Indian activists in Malaysia vowed to go ahead with a weekend protest to support a lawsuit against former colonial power Britain despite a police ban and the arrest of three of their leaders….

    Malaysia Hindu activists arrested
    Three Hindu activists in Malaysia have been charged with sedition over plans to stage a rally in the capital to air the grievances of ethnic Indians. They are seeking reparations from the UK for…

    Malaysia cracks down on Indians before rally
    The Telegraph
    The group has promised to hold a peaceful rally in the capital on Sunday but the government has warned Indians not to take part, saying it could stoke racial tensions. Police have set up road-blocks…

    Comment by motai | November 24, 2007

  3. This rallies that we have been having is a show of democracy. We are constantly surprised and brain wash by Umno that many have lost the passion of being a Malaysian. Regardless if it’s “Bersih rally” or “Hindraf rallies”, we are all not happy with our current institution and we demand a reform. I have spoken recently to Chinese, Indians and the Malays and they all agree that BN, Umno have all glued their butts on their sits way too long and would not budge. Malaysia had the longest ruling prime minister( Mahathair) and the longest ruling party in the world. We don’t care if DAP or Parti Keadilan or even PAS will be able to rule the country well, we just want changes. The current politicians of ours are not doing a good job. Their ideas are old fashion and in consistent with globalization and not to mention narrow minded. If there are any Umno or BN politicians reading this, please for the sake of our country, step down. Let new generations with new ideas lead the way. NEP is not only paralyzing the country but it’s also leading the Malays backwards. “No pain no gain”. This phase has been with us for centuries with a reason.

    Comment by Patrick Xee | November 25, 2007

  4. its very very sad to see my friends of different enthnic group once very close as brothers now have become enemies especially the so call young umno boys like hishm,nsari,khairy boys wake up not for the unity of the main three races we wont be what we are today u boys have to ask your parents the history of malaya dont be arrogant,be simple, humble there is a saying if u carry a sword u will die in the sword nasri has to shut his big mouth as it is a matter of time u will know the out come, dont chellange be thankful to the other raceses who prefer peace i ensure your voice will come to an end soon look out hero, we are watching u ass hole.

    Comment by suckers | December 4, 2007

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