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16 November 2007





(Kuala Lumpur) Members of Parliament (MPs) who continue to humiliate and verbally abuse women on any public occasion should be immediately dropped as electoral candidates in the coming General Elections, said Zuraida Kamaruddin, the head of the Women’s wing of the People’s Justice Party (KeADILan)


“Barisan Nasional MPs such as Badruddin Amiruddin relish every available opportunity to publicly degrade and humiliate women with their sexist comments


“Apologies are not enough especially when they are hardly sincere,” she stressed, pointing to Badruddin’s weak justification that he was ‘carried away’.


“How many more insults do women have to put up before something serious is done?” she asked.


Zuraida called for political parties to provide the public with electoral candidates who are exemplary, and who are not an affront to women in Malaysia.


“We are still lagging when it comes to the issue of equality and respect for women, and having these sexist MPs as leaders is a slap to our collective efforts for equality.


She added that women constitute the majority of voters in Malaysia.


“If political parties still retain these sexist men as candidates, they are insulting each and everyone of these women.


“If this were a football match, these men would have been given the red card and sent off the field,” Zuraida quipped. (END)


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