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Sekretariat Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH)

4A Jalan Sepadu, Taman United, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) 7980 6571, Fax: (03) 7980 2697, URL: www.bersih.org

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) will hold a mass rally on 10 November (Saturday), starting from 3 pm, at Dataran Merdeka to press for electoral reform. A memorandum will be subsequently submitted to the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

This latest citizen action organized by BERSIH will demonstrate the growing public demand for the four immediate actions necessary to reform the flawed electoral process: (a) a thorough clean-up of electoral rolls; (b) the user of indelible inks to prevent multiple voting; (c) the abolition of postal voting for military and police personnel; (d) fair access to mass media for all parties and candidates.

The memorandum to be submitted to the Yang DiPertuan Agong will outline both immediate and long-term reforms needed in the Malaysian election process including the adherence of “one-person one-vote” principle.

BERSIH has chosen yellow, the colour for citizen actions worldwide and the colour for press freedom movement (yellow ribbon) in Malaysia, as the colour for this rally. Citizens may indicate their support with the rally’s t-shirts, posters, yellow armbands, yellow ribbons or any creative expression.

Free and fair conduct of elections is fundamental to democracy. Flawed elections frustrate the functioning of democracy, resulting in corruptions and incompetence of the government. The losers are none other than the people.

To date, the Government and Elections Commission however have arrogantly ignored all demands other than indelible ink. The Chairman and Secretary must honourably tender their resignation if they cannot discharge their constitutional duty to ensure genuinely democratic elections.

BERSIH, a coalition of 64 civil society groups and five political parties, urges all concerned citizens to join in the mass rally on 10 November which will be attended by leaders and representatives of civil society and political parties.

For enquiries, please contact the secretariats; Faisal Mustaffa 019-2232002 or Medeline Chang 012-2192010.


October 23, 2007 - Posted by | Politics


  1. I think if Lee Kuan Yew is given a free reign to govern Malaysia for just a single term, Malaysia will double its GDP, poverty will be cut by 50%, corruption will spiral down and our jail will be filled with Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk.

    Of course it is just a dream but what a nightmare Malaysians are now suffering!

    Comment by yuking | October 24, 2007

  2. It is blatantly obvious to everybody except Umno gangs. That is because they are corrupted, suffering from denial syndrome, regressive Muslims, low IQ and living in the past. They would rather see and prefer the nation going to the dogs than having meritocracy and doing away with NEP.

    Otherwise, how does one explain the rot and malaise this country is suffering?

    Comment by reek | October 24, 2007

  3. We are reminding Najib and Mahathir about this, that Malaysia is not an Islamic state and it is not in a social contract.

    Malay Sakai, so please tell Badawi about it. Umno has always threatened the non-malays with riots and chaos. Nobody in Malaysia has started riots and chaos except for Umno.

    Umno has a deep rooted tradition of starting riots and chaos when every time they can’t debate sensibly.

    The social contract is there alright and many do not question it. But is the social contract followed according to the spirit or hijacked to the benefit of a few?

    Just look at the number of huge projects that has failed is proof enough. Yet these are treated like normal – part of everyday happening.


    All the social contract talk does not hold any water, when you have people in power, namely Umno abusing their power. In fact, they are indirectly telling you, that they have the right to abuse the power. Is this fair? Of course it is unfair. You don’t even need a social contract to tell you whether it is fair or not.

    Social contract didn’t say that Malaysia is an Islamic state. On the contrary the social contract expressly stated that Malaysia was and is not an Islamic state.

    Now the deliberate misinterpretation, apparently accepted by Umno, is that Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) is an Islamic state!

    Sabah and Sarawak would never have joined Malaysia if they had known that Malaysia will be deemed an Islamic state.

    If the social contract meant that the non-malays would merely exchange the British masters for the malay masters, they would never have agreed to join the malays for independence.

    What is the difference of having the British lording over the non-malays and having the malays doing the same to the non-malays! Probably worse. At least the British had some respect for fairness while the malays have none!

    So to get independence, the malays needed the non-malays. Without the non-malays agreement, the British would not have granted independence. So, is that not also part of the social contract? It is not a one-sided malay right. The malays would not be where they are without the non-malays.

    Comment by reek | October 24, 2007

  4. ACA protects cheats, money launderers, the corrupting, lying and thieving politicians. I congratulate the ACA chief (what is his name?). Well done, good job.

    Comment by samp | October 24, 2007

  5. A strange thing I have noticed over the past few months. The average Malaysian Chinese seem to aspire to emigrate, very specifically to Australia. It almost seems like they work their asses off so that they may move themselves and their entire family down under.

    It is like Australia is some paradise island or something. I know that Melbourne is one of the most livable places in the world, but a statistic like that can by no means cause the mass migration that I noticed.

    The Malaysia government has this program called – Malaysia my second home. It is to attract retired whites to settle to Malaysia and bring their money with them. Sadly, Malaysia doesn’t seem homely enough for the Chinese.

    They have always complained about the brain drain. They whine that Singapore is stealing all the Malaysia talent. Now with entire families moving out, it is not only brain drain, it is capital drain. They really should find out how much money has been sucked to Australia in the past 10 years. It will probably run in the tens of millions.

    Can they stop this? No. It just cannot be done. Until the government stops treating the Chinese like second class citizens, it will not happen.

    Quote: “You go to Singapore, a couple of ministers there are from Penang. In Hong Kong, a number of advisers to the government are from Penang, and in China, some of the best managers are from Penang. Penang is supports the world!”

    It is all about Singapore, Hong Kong and China but not Malaysia. So, prove to me that this is not “brain drain”.

    Brain drain is part and parcel of Malaysia. Things are not going improve, at least at the rate we are going. Welcome to Bolehland. We can!

    I hope to see some progress in our country heading towards a mainly two-party system like in the US, UK and Australia. But the opposition parties must get their act together; and the people too must get wiser.

    The big bad world of globalisation has descended on us like a tsunami. We still want to walk with crutches. The competition now come from China, not the local Chinese badly represented by the MCA; from the Indians from the near continent, not from the local Indians doubly badly represented by the MIC.

    At the end of the day, stop complaining too much, for you – the voters – put the government there. You finally deserve the government you get – complacent, arrogant, and not accountable.

    Otherwise, why do 21st century so-called leaders want to revive the NEP, an instrument of the 1979s – 1990s that had proven to be not effective? Don’t we learn from the history and current developments?

    I too, used to think that all is rosy and happy in Malaysia. But as each year passes, I find out more and more disturbing things happening in my beloved country.

    Yes, mostly resulting in a more cynical outlook, with some youths turning even desperate and then like “opting” out of the system, or slightly better for some lucky ones, staying back in a foreign land, because “my government seems to be taking actions to drive us away”.

    What a sad refrain, and the government laments – sincerely? Brain drain – I personally know many of such youths parents have chosen to “opt out” of the political arena. Sad. Tragic but true.

    Comment by aston | October 24, 2007

  6. This is just another example of how sick our present government under BN is.

    It makes us all wonder how low can they go before the whole country collapses……….

    Comment by coolooc | October 24, 2007

  7. The BN politicians do not differentiate between what is kerajaan and negara. Corrupted leader which form the kerajaan (government) is a traitor to its negara (country).

    Comment by vesewe | October 24, 2007

  8. The subservient mentality of our youths (voters) has served our Malaysia government very well. It is irony that former PM Mahathir is crying foul now for not being able to voice his concerns for the country in the government-controlled media.

    When he was in charge, dissenting views were not tolerated. The current PM is the product of that era and not surprising he has asked citizens not to question the government!

    Whether by design or luck our Malaysia education system helps to produce subservient citizens unable to think critically and with “devious” religious teaching the control of citizens mind is complete.

    The reform of Malaysia education system can never succeed so long as corrupt government is in power. The bottom line for most of Malaysia problem is lack of good governance.

    Obviously the best solution is to get our government reform first, then, with righteous politicians we can hope a change for the better.

    Wishful thinking! – Sorry for being so pessimistic but that is reality for at least 2 more generations.

    In fact I am amused how often the “blame game” is used, be it racial or religion issues but in this case, youth generation for the first time.

    After half a century of independence, we always have one party in power. It is not today’s youth forefathers that shaped the education system but the politicians. You could argue that the politicians were elected democratically by the forefathers and hence they are equally to be blamed. That much I can agree if only corruption is discounted.

    The older generation is less educated then today’s youth and generally less educated than the ruling elite of their time. Education would have created a critical mass of thinking citizens to challenge the government of their action in nation-building.

    Having a corrupt government, education is a powerful tool to manipulate the next generation of youth into subservient voters. My message is simple, “reform our corrupt government to have a better chance of reforming other policies (be it economy, education and judiciary etc) successfully”.

    The foundation of nation-building lies in good governance. A corrupt government can never be successful in nation-building.

    Comment by ruyom | October 24, 2007

  9. Singapore is a good example, if you give the Chinese a chance, they can do wonder.

    Comment by yoy | October 24, 2007

  10. Is the language diversity in our educational system a stumbling block to so-called ‘national unity’? Despite the insistence of this idea by the self-interested ruling elite, it is simply wrong.

    And the common use of English did not stop Americans from fighting Britons in the War of Independence. And let us not forget the American Civil War – both sides spoke English.

    And to the contrary, we see Europeans of different mother tongues coming together in a democratic manner to forge a united continent in the form of the multilingual European Union with common standards of human rights, governance and democracy.

    English-speaking people with different mother tongues are also now living peacefully in five different sovereign and independent countries namely the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and Australia.

    It is time for the Malaysia ruling elite and their ideologues to stop spreading the voodoo of that language diversity hampers national unity.

    The root cause of national disunity is none other than the existence of race-based political parties like Umno, MIC and MCA, which perpetuate race-based affirmative action policies and which only benefit the upper class BN gangs and their sons, daughters and cronies.

    Comment by molisa | October 24, 2007

  11. I would not read Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian, despite being paid to read it!

    I cannot imagine people actually buying those papers to read it!

    That is why Mahathir said the bloggers are really the last remaining hope of the nation!

    Don’t blame Utusan Malaysia la, it is owned by Umno, the party with low standard morons and extremists.

    Utusan Malaysia, the Star, New Strait Times etc, are just a few shameless newspapers that often cover up the scandals of BN government and to make oppositions look bad.

    Comment by konek | October 24, 2007

  12. Malaysia is slowly and surely turning into a very sick place. We must finish off Umno and its cronies to cure the country from this acute sickness.

    Comment by kentanjim | October 24, 2007

  13. My friend Yoy,
    I don’t think that someone performs better simply just because he is chinese or malay. A lot of it got to do with the environment surrounding him as well as his upbringing.
    However, being half chinese and half malay, I sometimes wonder also where certain characters in me comes from, Can’t help thinking that they’re probably from my chinese genes!
    But whatever it is, Don’t give up so easily la, my friend. This country is as much your as well as it is mine. So let’s work together
    to save it yeah?
    What say you?

    Comment by Fuziah Salleh | October 25, 2007

  14. @reel

    The Malaysians at the rally have done their part to express their desire for a fair democratic election. As u can see, most of them are Muslim Malays.To say they’re regressive is a purely bigoted statement.

    It’s very silly that people like u who preach the evil of the NEP and racial discrimination lecture about the superiority of races..how stupid and hypocritical.

    Comment by forrestcat | November 10, 2007

  15. Our current malay pig generation is racist now because they desperately want to hang on to privileges which I frankly believe it slowly causing the malay race to rot away and become a pathetic race on crutches dependent.

    I think that malays are the most stupid idiots on earth – they might have big sized bodies bud in their heads, but they have puny brains.

    Thus coming to the conclusion that they are the most stupid black blocks on earth – they are coloured black and stink like a garbage dump.

    Does malays ever think twice about their religious? What if yours believe is not what you think!

    You malays will rape anybody just for sexual pleasure. You didn’t read about the malay who raped his own sister?

    Not only that! They yell 5 times per day and expect to go to heaven! After committing so many sins like steal, rape, killing!

    Malays are so stupid that deserve to be robbed by their own government. They in fact deserve to be raped as well. Maybe we were better off as British rule Malaysia after all.

    Malays are jealous of Chinese, that is why they hate them. Americans are not jealous of Chinese, because they don’t need tongkat. They buy a lot of Chinese goods. If they hate, they would have boycott the products. Bodoh!

    Oh! Bodoh! Only blind man needs tongkat.

    If Americans don’t hate the malays, why is there so much bad press against Mahathir when he scolded the Americans? You malays are brainless and never read the newspaper. Everyday special rights here and there……….still like your tongkat so much!

    You go to American Embassy and see which country now is blacklisted? Did they blacklist Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong?

    Even the Japanese look down upon the malays because they are just a bunch of fool, corrupt, lazy person who feed on the Chinese income tax for their existence.

    The malays want to produce as many pig babies as they want, but doesn’t teach them what is honesty, hardworking, civilisation!

    Comment by play fool | November 20, 2007

  16. F***k Muslims and all malay pig in Malaysia.

    I feel ashamed to call myself a Malaysian nowadays because you malay pig are making us losing our pride day by day by corrupting the once dignified image of this country, you know Malaysia is now a laughing stock among the non-Muslim countries in the world!

    People despise this country still protecting the lame lot and not doing anything to improve the deteriorating situation, still practising double standards among its own people, still expelling the non-malay genius to other countries, still depriving the rights and benefits of other races to its own race, still criticize and blame the Chinese for their minority poverty.

    Hey, what is wrong with you malay pig? Haven’t you fed yourself enough with the loots yet? Still want more? What a worthless thieves bunch!

    You malay pig are worse than a maggot. We need a leader not a faggot to rule this country. Get lost you freak!

    For all the bad things you stupid melayu babi say about the Chinese, when you are in trouble and big shit, what do you do?

    You come crawling back on your knees to the Chinaman to help you, because you can’t trust all your malay pig who are sodomy rapists, incest culprits, drug addicts.

    Without the Chinese, you malay pig will still live on trees, swinging from tree to tree like monkeys, or forages on the ground by your 4 legs to eat all the shit.

    You malay pig are a truly ungrateful lot – the minute all the Chinese leave Bolehland – you malay pig will collapse into the sea and die – that is your destiny!

    I think the problem of malay pig race is their culture – it is in born in their gene – nowhere in the world that you will see affirmative action is focusing on the majority because it is always the minority that need the protection.

    Worst, the minority in Malaysia has been systematically marginalized just to suppress them of their growth.

    Let the malay pig make Malaysia the most corrupted place to live in and see what happened in 2020? I guess malay pig will go back to Indonesia as Malaysia don’t belong to them, they are also immigrants from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Jawa, etc.

    Please get it into your pea-sized otak udang plastered with layers and layers of tahi babi encased in your kepala kayu that Malaysia belong to the Orang Asli who are the true bumis of the country.

    Niffy pellmell malay pig are in fact pendatang haram who swam across the Melaka Strait illegally from Sumatra. They should be caught, given severe caning and deported back to their pig sties in Sumatra.

    Comment by cool man | November 20, 2007

  17. Ask all malay pig go back to Indonesia.

    The malay pig make Malaysia become rubbish country. Without malay pig in Malaysia – Malaysia country will become same as Singapore or Taiwan.

    Where malay pig came from? Indonesia? Arab? Africa? What happened to our Orang Asli? They are the original settlers here, they should be the true real bumiputras. Not the babiputras we have here.

    What is wrong with the babiputras? Highest crime rates, highest divorce rates, highest number of criminals, highest number of drug users, highest number of rapists.

    A genetically flawed race (babiputras) cannot be fixed by politically.

    What have we got now?

    Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.

    Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this – Why can’t you just tell the malay pig to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

    It makes no difference whether I am a Chinese, Indian or for that matter, anyone else, even a Mat Salleh. I am speaking as a human being to a malay pig like you.

    If you malay pig don’t like the non-malays here, then go back to Sumatra, Jawa, or wherever your ancestors came from, and give this land back to its rightful master, the Orang Asli.

    If Malaysia is to divide into two countries with malay pig taking the east, and the west to the Chinese and the Indians – watch that the malay pig starting to migrate to the west illegally for a better future.

    It is no wonder Singapore is a country which is 50 years ahead of Malaysia.

    You know something – once outside the perimeters of Malaysia, these malay pig are so small in value even a dog has more value than them!

    Everything in Malaysia is a joke when it comes to the malay pig. They are laughed at by everyone in this world for being incompetent, lazy, useless morons.

    From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malay pig from Indonesia invaded it.

    Still so thick skin, don’t want to go back to Indonesia.

    Comment by winner | November 20, 2007

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